Best Psychology Books of Last Year!

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I did a “favorites of 2016” last year on my instagram and I thought it would be a good addtion to my blog. Good book recommendations are always relevant, right? The list for 2017 is coming soon but these books sure are worthy gifts for loved ones this holiday season!


Favorite Books of 2016 – Psychology

My Pick:

Influence by Robert Cialdini (Audio / Paperback)

We are faced with tremendous amounts of decisions in our everyday life and if the brain didn’t use shortcuts to speed up the process we would be totally overwhelmed. The problem is that some of these shortcuts leads to irrational decisions and misjudgment. These are called cognitive biases, and trust me, marketers, salesmen and politicians are doing everything in their power to exploit them.

This book teaches you how to recognize the tricks influencers use in their persuasion and that knowledge help you recognize and compensate for biases before you make decisions.

A book that can’t be summarized, only highly recommend.




Read the full list with all it’s categories here!

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    1. Of course covers plays a role when it comes to catching ones eye, weather it’s in the bookstore or the online feed of choice – but I don’t think it has a huge impact on my choices. The biggest influence if probably recommendations from people or books mentioned in other books. At least for me! Yes! I read Mindset! Wonderful book! 👌🏻thanks for your comment!

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