Practicing Stoicism: Voluntary Discomfort (Part 2)

Now it’s time to level things up a bit. Here are my stoic challenges for the coming weeks:

❗️Not drink anything for a day.

❗️Do public speaking.

❗️ Sleep without a pillow for a week.

At least for me all these appear worse to me than only drinking water for and sleeping on the floor (with pillow 😀) for a week. (Actually, I still only drink water it kinda stuck with me.)

One of these new challenges have a slightly different feel to it; to do public speaking.

Voluntary discomfort is not only about gaining appreciation for things you have and preparation for aversion: it’s also about eradicating irrational fears.

One of the most common irrational fear is the fear of public speaking. This is one of my irrational fears. So this month I’m going to put myself in uncomfortable situations where I need to talk in front of large groups of people. Wish me luck!

In what ways are you torturing yourself these days? 😆🤔

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