Top Books of the Year – #10

#10 Deep Work by Cal Newport


While “The Shallows: What the Internet is going to our brains” by Nicholas Carr lays out the research on how the internet and technology impairs our ability to concentrate deeply, Cal Newport gives us the blueprint to how to reclaim focus in a time where everything is designed to fight for our attention.

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

In a world of constant distractions there is a financial and personal opportunity to get ahead if you can resist it and instead making focus a priority. If that’s not reason enough research also shows that deep work is a proven path to a fulfilling life. This books gives you the receipe to achieve just that!

————— IMPACT —————

I still got notifications turned off on all my apps except text messages. I Tried scheduled “Deep Work”, with great results, but have been slacking off lately.

——— 🤔QUESTIONS🤔——-

What notifications do you allow your life? How do you make sure you get periods of interrupted time for focused work?

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