How to Get Started with Audiobooks: A Guide for Beginners

I love physical books! But audiobooks have been the real catalyst for building a rock solid reading habit. 
In this article I will share why audiobooks are rad, what kind books are most suitable for audio, and what services to use to get the most bang for the buck in your audiobook library.

Why audiobooks are a great compliment to physical books.

1. Allow you to learn on the go! When you are out walking, when you are at the gym.

2. Audiobooks brightens up monotonous tasks. Great entertainment when doing dishes, cleaning, 

3. Always at hand. Sometimes we forget to bring a book, but we seldom forget to bring our phones. Audiobooks are always on hand.

4. Great for beginner readers. When I first started  out reading audiobooks was essential. As an novice Reader I read slowly slowly and since I was exhausted most of the time I tended to fall asleep all the time. Going from never reading to reading everyday can be a big change for you and building a new habit can take a while before it settles.
Replaceing a new habit with an already existing habit is easier that starting from scratch. Most people already listen to music with headphones everyday. Turing on the audiobook app instead of Spotify is a simple way to become a daily reader of books.

Video: A Guide for Beginners to Audiobooks

Video: How to Get Started with Audiobooks: A Guide for Beginners

What books are most suited as audiobooks?

When it comes to audiobooks some genres are more suitable than others. Here are examples of books that are extremely enjoyable on audio.

1. Memoirs. These books are perfect as audiobooks since they are often chronological accounts of someone memories and don’t demand a high amount of note taking.

2. Classics. Classics are great as audiobooks. Especially if you are not a native English speaker. The narrative will flow naturally, where you might have struggled if you read it yourself.

3. Books read by the author. There are tons of examples of audiobooks that are exceptional to listen for the simple fact that they are read by the author. Hearing the words directly from the horse’s mouth can add a lot to the experiences.

(Bono, Jordan Peterson, Nofx)

3. Mindset/Motivational/Spiritual books. Books that revolve around mindset are great audiobooks. These books are great to carry around and getting in just 5 minutes of listening to an uplifting or motivational book can turn a bad day into a good one. Or make the difference between missing the mark, and seizing an opportunity.

4. Books you read over and over again. Books you reread over and over again are great on audio. You know the book, but need a refresher ,of its content. Listen to it with a sleep timer turned on, listen it on 1.7x speed at the gym.

The best service for audiobooks – Audible!

Audible, is my go to place for audiobooks for many reasons:

1. Big audiobook selection. I read a lot of fringe and niche books, and if there is a audio version of a book then you can be sure it can be found on Audible. In my book club a lot of people stubbornly wants us to read books that are available on the Swedish counterparts to amazons amazing service and we always struggle with finding something interesting to read.

2. Yours to keep! The second perk of using audible is that you get to keep your books even though you canceled your subscription which is not a given with all these audiobook services.

3. Subscription and price. What do you get to have to pay for these audiobooks well it depends it depends on what kind of subscription you choose audible they use a credit system where one credit gives you one book and you can get one credit monthly you can get several it all depends I read a lot of audiobooks I listen to them all the time so I have the Platinum annual subscription which gives me 24 credits which is 24 books and the price comes down to 9.57 a book which is a fair price. I think I mean “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, right!? Benjamin Franklin. So I really suggest getting an account up at Audible and

Reading inspiration

If you’re looking for more books that you want to check out and read and listen to and check out my Great Books List. This is a list of the best books I’ve ever read I put a link to that in the description below and let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe and like and share and all that but let me know in the comments what your experience is with audio

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