The Best Upcoming Nonfiction February Releases in 2024

Greetings, fellow nonfiction enthusiasts! Welcome back to the BookLab. It’s that exciting time of the month where we navigate through the sea of upcoming nonfiction releases, and this February, I’ve unearthed four non-fiction books that deserve a spot on your reading list. As always I have a video breakdown of these releases on Youtube. Let’s see what February 2024 has in store for lifelong learners!

Why we remember book cover

1. “Why We Remember by Charan Ranganath

February 20, 2024, 304 pages
Our first exploration takes us into the fascinating world of memory with Charan Ranganath’s “Why We Remember.” This groundbreaking tour delves into the intricate relationship between memory, decision-making, trauma, and healing. My hope is that this is as impactful “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, as this book promises to reshape our understanding of memory’s transformative force and its often invisible influence on our lives.

Why We Remember Corey Keyes book cover
Why We Remember by Corey Keyes

2. “Languishing” by Corey Keyes

February 20, 2024, 304 pages
Up next on our journey is “Languishing” by Corey Keyes, set to release on February 21st. This 304-page guide explores the mental state of weariness that pervades our modern lives, eroding self-esteem, motivation, and meaning. Keyes, an Emory University sociologist, dissects the larger forces contributing to languishing, offering insights that extend beyond the realms of traditional discussions on depression. If you’ve ever felt that inner void, this book might hold the key to giving you a new perspective on sadness.

never not working by mallisa clark

3. “Never Not Working” by Malissa Clark

February 6, 2024, 224 pages
In the era of remote work and the hustle culture, “Never Not Working” by Malissa Clark dives into the perils of workaholism. Clark explores the impact of an always-on work culture on our well-being and its compromise on both personal and professional aspects of our lives. Melissa argues that “hustle culture” not only have a negative impact on the quality of your life but also on the company’s bottom line. If you find yourself entangled in the web of overwork, this might be your essential guide to your recovery.

4. “Practical Optimism: The Art, Science, and Practice of Exceptional Well-Being” by Sue Varma

February 20, 2024, 336 pages
Closing our literary expedition is “Practical Optimism” by Sue Varma, releasing on February 24th. Dr. Varma, drawing from her experiences as a medical director and psychiatrist, delves into the art, science, and practice of exceptional well-being. Through real-world examples and a comprehensive review of research in psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and neuroscience, Varma offers a guide to cultivating an optimistic mindset tethered to reality. Expect a deep dive into the philosophies of resilience and growth.

Bonus: Lincoln Biographies: For history buffs, February brings not one but two Lincoln biographies—one exploring Lincoln’s views on immigration and the other delving into his perspectives on democracy. A treat for Lincoln enthusiasts, indeed!

Nonfiction Pick of the Month – February:

As is tradition, I’ve selected the most exciting read for the month, and my pick is “Why We Remember.” Its focused exploration of memory, backed by Dr. Ranganath’s expertise, promises to be a valuable addition to our understanding of the mind. Enjoy your reading, and I’ll be back next month with more exciting nonfiction releases. Until then, happy reading! Bjorn out!

February Book Lineup Score:
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