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How to Get More Reading Done – How I Manage to Read 40+ Books Each Year (VIDEO)

Struggling to get time to read?

I’m not a fast reader. To be honest my reading speed was below average last time I checked – but I have a few tips to share on how to get more reading into a busy schedule!
Want to get more reading done despite a busy schedule or complicated life situation? Here are 4 hacks that help me hit my reading goal each year:

4 bulletproof hacks to improve your reading habits:

1. Always bring a book with you!

I always bring books wherever I go. You never now when you get stuck waiting in line, the subway gets delayed or when your friend is arriving late. Opportunities for reading appear more often than you think – if you are prepared for them!

2. Audiobooks are your ally!

The Audiobook is the most powerful tool to increase your “reading” capacity. Gym time, walks and doing shores – all those times when your hands are occupied can be turned into an opportunities for reading and learning.

Video about how to get more reading done. 4 hacks to improve your reading habit

3. Have multiple books going at once!

I usually have 3 to 5 books going at ones. Why? That way I always have something that suits my mood and the situation I’m in. Just have a few minutes to read? Pick up a collection of aphorisms. 30 minutes? Read a chapter on neuroscience. 2 hours? A historical biography might do the trick!
Check out this post by Bookmattic for more tips on how to read multiple books and remember what your read.

4. Consistency is Key!

Read everyday. Find a time slot you dedicate to reading, whether it’s on your commute, the gym or the first thing you do in the morning. It doesn’t matter when, or how long. Ones you get into the habit you will be astonished by the amount of books you’ll finish in a year or two. It really adds up!

What’s your best lifehack for getting more reading done? 🤔

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