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5 Books on Human Nature to Read in 2023 – Thick to thin!

Level up your understanding of human nature by reading these books in 2022 – the list is ordered from THIN to THICK!

1. Courage Under Fire – James Bond Stockdale

Flyweight – 21 pages

Video Review of Courage Under Fire

Living one’s philosophy ought to be the aim of any philosophy-minded individual.

Fighter pilot James Bond Stockdale got his hands on a copy of Enchiridion— the Stoic philosopher Epictetus’s manual to life— at the end of a Philosophy course. A book that became his constant companion for years to come.

Stockdale was captured and imprisoned during the Vietnam war. He and the other POWs organized themselves, and developed an attitude towards the their life situation— torture and isolation— based on ancient stoic philosophy.

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2. Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships – Eric Berne

Featherweight – 160 Pages

Video Review of Games People Play by Eric Berne

In this classic bestseller Eric Berne break down common psychological games that people play in life; marital games, social games and underground games.

You will learn something about yourself and other by reading this book’s—and it might be extremely uncomfortable.

Video: 5 Books on Human Nature – From THIN to THICK

3. The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements – Eric Hoffer

Lightweight – 207

cover of the True Believer by Eric Hoffer
The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer

In The True Believer Eric Hoffer takes a philosophical dive into the psychology of mass movements. What makes a nation, or class, or community ripe for a mass movement? What are the conscious and unconscious needs a mass movements meet? Who are the key players of such a movement? What are the phases a mass movement goes through? This book covers it all and shines a light on some aspects of human nature that we might not like to admit.

Despite its moderate size this gem include ideas and piercing analysis that will keep you pondering for weeks and months.

Check out the review for more!

4. The Righteous Mind– Jonathan Haidt

Middleweight – 376 pages

The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt

The Righteous Mind ticks all the boxes for what makes a great book: I provides new mental models, challenge existing beliefs and as I turn the last page I have adopted a new lens through which to see the world.

In the Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt, propose that we are not as rational as we might think we are and that our moral reasoning is a tool for convincing people, and ourselves that we are right, rather than actually find out what’s true.

This book will challenge fundamental beliefs you have about morals, religion and politics. It might be uncomfortable, but it’s a truly rewarding read if you are open for it.

5. The Gulag Archipelago– Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

Heavyweight – 560 pages (Abridged)

The Gulag Archipelago by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

Not only is it a heavy book, but so is the topic. The Gulag Archipelago, a literally investigation of the Gulag prison systems, spurred me to do a deep dive into the topic of totalitarianism, mass movements and freedom (or rather the escape from it!).

Solzhenitsyn’s describes all aspects of the Gulag meat grinder; from the initial arrests, followed by interrogations, transits, prison, and camp. We also get to familiarize with the characters; the secret police, interrogators, guards, and the everyday heroism prisoners.
A heavy read and incredible account of some from some of the darkest chapters of the 20th century.

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