Book Review: “Determined: A Science of Life Without Free Will”

Introduction “The only way humans have survived amid being able to understand the truths about life is by having evolved a robust capacity for self-deception.” This might be true. In “Determined :A Science of Life Without Free Will.” the author Robert Sapolsky agrues for desterminism and that our ability for self-deception definitely includes our belief […]

Green Beards, Altruism & Kinship – BEHAVE by Robert Sapolsky

Kin selection and altruism Kin selection is the theory that we behave more altruistic towards people who share our genes—-given we believe in the darwinian paradigm that the overarching aim for an organism is to further its genes, of course. The Math of Kin Selection Or as John Haldane humorously concluded while working on the […]

Book Year in review with @chriserzfeld

Book Year in review with @chriserzfeld: “This year, I read a lot of interesting books. One of those was “Behave” by Robert Sapolsky. I got a lot of insight into what makes humans tick, and how we are irrational, emotional and out of control creatures in an entertaining way so that book influenced me a […]

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