The Best Nonfiction Books for Living a Creative Life

Nonfiction Books that Will Unleash Your Creativity. Creativity is not reserved for artists alone; it’s a spark that resides within each of us, waiting to be kindled. Whether you’re an aspiring painter, an entrepreneur, a writer, or simply someone who craves more creative energy in daily life, there’s a book that can help you tap […]

Threats to our Creativity according to Women Who Run with the Wolves

One of my favorite parts of this book revolve around the topic of self-sabotaging our own creativity: 📝 “Some of the malevolent complexes’ favorite thieveries and punishments of women’s creativity revolve around promising the soul-self “time to create” somewhere of in the foggy future. Or promising that when one has several days in a row […]

Quick Review: Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

Turning Pro is about the struggle against Resistance that keeps us from pursuing our creative endeavors. It is this Resistance that makes us hate ourselves, and that breeds undirected discontent. Amateurs and Professionals The world is made up of amateurs and professionals. They are both dealing with the same material (the pain of being human […]

Creativity and Fear: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert book is both a tribute to creativity and a practical guide to how to nurture your it. Misconceptions are aplenty about what a creative life should look like, but you don’t have to quit your job, and spend a your days as a aquarelle painter, to live creativity. Everyone is creative! Everyone is […]

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