Top 10 Books of 2017

Here are my Favorite Books i read in 2017! 

10. “Deep Work” – C. Newport

Review (5/5) – Get the Book!

While “The Shallows: What the Internet is going to our brains” by Nicholas Carr lays out the research on how the internet and technology impairs our ability to concentrate deeply, Cal Newport gives us the blueprint to how to reclaim focus in a time where everything is designed to fight for our attention.

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

In a world of constant distractions there is a financial and personal opportunity to get ahead if you can resist it and instead making focus a priority. If that’s not reason enough research also shows that deep work is a proven path to a fulfilling life. This books gives you the receipe to achieve just that!


9. “Turning Pro” – Steven. Pressfield 

Review (5/5) – Get the Book!

We all have something we feel that we are meant to do but never get around to actually doing. A good place to start looking for clues of what that might be is in our early teenage years. What did you choose to do with your time before society’s expectations started to weight in too heavily on your life choices? For me it was making movies and radio shows, writing rap lyrics (😎), modding video games and pursuing shady business ideas with friends. You just might have a more natural inclination to doing a version those things, rather than staying with the safe and secure job you ended up with?

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

I’m not a big fan of motivational books, and this comes pretty close to being just that – follow you dreams jada jada jada… But what struck a chord with me is it’s directness and uncompromising tone. I guess sometime you need to be shaken up a bit to get back on track and to work towards something that actually matters.


8. “Drinking: A love story” – Caroline Knapp 

Review (4/5) – Get the Book!

Caroline was a “high functioning” alcoholic. The type that can maintain jobs and relationships while exhibiting alcoholism. Her relationship with alcohol was build up into a very, very unhealthy one over a span of 20 years – but the process was so slow, that she barely noticed it sneaking up on her.

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

We all have some experience with unhealthy drinking habits, either directly or indirectly, and in this books you familiarize yourself with the most common, but least talked about, version of alcoholism. Beautiful written, deeply personal and educative. Loved t!

7. “The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei” – J. Stevens

Review (5/5) – Get the Book!

The “1000-Day Marathon”, a big part of their practice, takes 7 years to complete. For the first 5 years they run a marathon a day for 100 days straight. This is repeated 7 times. For the last 2 years the distance is increased to two Marathon distances a day (84km!). They also throw in a 9-day fast into their practice, with continuous meditation, without water and sleep, to keep things interesting.

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

This books in not for everyone – It’s poorly written at times and weirdly edited, but if you are a fan of running, endurance or just fascinating by incredible human achievements – then look no further!

6. “Radical Honesty” – B. Blanton

Review (5/5) – Get the Book!
  • It’s about anger.
  •  It’s about how moralism comes back to bite you in the ass.
  • * It’s about neurosis.
  • * It’s about deadening. Low intensity suffering caused by being on guard.
  • * It’s about growing the fuck up!
  • * It’s about willingness to take care of oneself.
  • * It’s about telling the truth as you experience it, regardless of how it portraits you.
  • * It’s about the struggles you face – and their insignificance in face of your death.

It’s all over the place in a wonderful way!

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

This book so crazy, yet so sane. It is books like these that keeps me motivated to read. It is finding books like this that is the payoff for time I put into reading. I don’t agree with everything Blaton says but I’m grateful to still be able to pick up new perspectives and ideas that can help me understand the human condition.

Read my full Radical Honesty Review!

5. “Into the Wild” – J. Krakauer

Review (5/5) – Get the Book!

Christopher McCandles was found dead in an abandoned bus in the Alaskan wilderness in 1992. He had left society and family behind, burned his money (literary) and set off on a journey to find the true essence of life, far away from job security, conformity and a monotonous middle class existence.

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

It’s a incredible story that stays with you long after you turned the last page.

4. “Steve Jobs” – W. Isaacsson

Review (5/5) – Get the Book!

The gripping biography of the most prominent innovator of out time.

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

Parts goes to Isaacson for being able to write a 600 page book without any real low points, and parts goes to Steve for being such an interesting fella! Anyhow – it’s just an excellent biography!

3.“Siddhartha” – H. Hesse

Review (5/5) – Get the Book!

Hesse influential book about a wealthy Brahmin son that casts off a life of privilege to find spiritual fulfillment. A short read and profound read!

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

“This book is scripture posing as literature and is best read after getting what you thought you wanted.” – Gary (Goodreads). I think this sentence really captures why this book is important.

2. “The Shallows” – Nicholas Carr

Review (5/5)- Get the Book!

Having anxiety about how the Internet is changing us? As we enjoy new ways of consuming information, are we sacrificing our ability to read and think deeply?

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

The book is incredibly interesting and explains a lot of behavioral changes I’ve noticed in myself in recent years. It discusses the science around how internet browsing affects the way we think and learn. We also get a fascinating history of how, throughout time, the introduction of new media have changed the human perspective. Well researched and eye-opening! “To be everywhere is to be nowhere” -Seneca

1. “Levels of Energy” – Frederick E. Dodson

Review (5/5) – Get the Book!

Here is something they didn’t teach you in school! The premise of the book is that there are clearly defined levels of consciousness. Basically, people experience reality differently – and act and think in a certain ways -depending on their energy “level”. Dodson lays out his whole spectral energy scale, from 0 – 1000, from the hellish to joy and bliss. It’s quite a ride!

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

It’s fascinating! I don’t think it’s possible to read through this book without discovering something new about yourself or the people and environment around you.

————— IMPACT —————

The key to enjoying this book is to not expect to resonate with or believe everything it says. That’s also what open-mindedness is for me – to be able to listen to arguments and ideas that goes against ones believes, then experiment with that new information and see what works – and change views accordingly. You don’t have to believe the content and still you get huge benefits from reading it. Which is really cool! This book was the most interesting book I read this year. It’s super weird, but I think you can handle it! 😀👌🏻



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