Thoughts on: ‘Norse Mythology’ by Neil Gaiman

It’s all well presented and somewhat interesting but I think I hoped for something other than what I got. I wished to read about what remnants of these myths can be found in today’s society. What have survived, and in that case, why? and what has it morphed into? But instead I got a “Best of Asgard” collection of tales.


I have 2 big problems with the stories in this book: ———————-

1. All the stories follow the same formula.

– Something bad happens

– Thor Blames Loki (cuz it’s always Loke fault)

– Thor finds out he was right. (It was Loki)

– After some deceit and foul play the gods get out of trouble.


2. The stories have no life lessons to teach us. It feels like the ancient Greeks where better in this aspect. (I.e. the story of Narcissus personalized the curse of vanity.)


📝 Wonderful poetry comes from people drinking mead brewed from Kvasirs blood. Bad poetry comes from the same mead, but it has went through Thors throat and has been farted out of his ass.


📝 The wolf Fenrir, Jormungand (the Serpent of Midgard ) and Hel (the goddess of the underworld) are all Loki’s illegitimate children. That’s what happens when you have an affair with a giantess!


📝 “Why do you think Loke has done it?” Freya asked. “Because”, said Thor, “when something goes wrong the first thing I think is that; “This is Lokes fault!” It saves me a lot of time.”



Mind the opportunity cost! – don’t spend your time reading stuff that you don’t enjoy!


I recognize it’s a quality book – and that’s probably why I almost reached the end before I quit – it was just not my cup of mead!


It felt really good go against my inner completionist to put this book on hold (forever) and jump onto reading something I’m really excited about!


What book did you wish you quit instead of finishing?



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