Parallel Universes of Self by Frederick Dodson

How Parallel Universes of Self Changed my Life

In this article you will learn about the lasting effects Frederick Dodson’s Parallel Universe of Self have had in my life and how you can similar results by applying the exercises from the book. I will focus on two main practices: the idea of viewing life as a series of scenes in a movie and the Intention list.

About the Book

Parallel Universes of Self is a non-fiction book that explores the concept of multiple parallel universes and how they relate to the nature of consciousness. The author, Frederick Dodson, presents his theory that consciousness exists beyond the physical body and can access parallel universes. The book offers practical exercises for readers to explore and expand their own consciousness and choose their own reality.

One of my favorite books of all time

Parallel Universes of self was my favorite book last year. I am kind of embarrassed as I say it because I know it’s not a literary masterpiece, it is repetitive, it’s “out there”, and wierd. You could say it’s all pseudoscience and wishful thinking…. and you would probably not be wrong!
But I freaking loved the book, and it brought me so much value, that I read it 4 times already.

Reality Creation & Manifestation

Parallel Universes of Self is about reality creation and manifestation. The idea that you can create whatever reality you want as long as you use your attention, focus and have faith, you can do it! What holds you back is limiting beliefs and contradictory intentions. Regardless of how you feel about reality creation, I think you can agree with me when I say that very little can withstand persistent and sustained human effort. Your attitude changes your reality. The placebo effect is real. What you focus on you get more of.

Video: How Parallel Universes of Self Changed my Life

1. Life as scenes in a movie

One exercise Frederick Dodson mentions in the book is to look at you day as a series of scenes in a movie. During a day most of us take our n take on many different roles. You are the actor and you decide how what kind of energy and intentions you want to bring to each scene.

The problem:

Sometimes we don’t iur focus properly. When you are at work you think about the kids, when you are with the kids you think about work. I run into this issue all the. When I hang out with my wife I think about BookLab project, and when working on my projects my mind is somewhere else. You probably recognize this in yourself too.

How I use Dodson’s technique:

There are many natural transitions throughout the day where I change my roles.

– When I get on the commute to work, I become BookLab Bjorn, I write reviews, edit videos and read great book.
When I get into the elevator to work, I change into Bjorn the game developer. My intentions is then to make a great game and making decisions that will allow my team to thrive.
– When I enter my apartment building or get close to daycare I become Bjorn the father, with the intentions to be present, attuned and nurturing to my children.
– When the kids are put to bed I transition to Bjorn, the husband.

The technique of using these natural transition points during the day to make sure that I’m in the right state of ming has helped make my focus my attention for the different pillars of my life. It’s a series of mini meditation and affirmations I do each day and I seldom struggle with scattered focus anymore.

2. Intention list

The Intention List is designed to help you focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. It is also a way to blurring the line between what you perceive as realistic and unrealistic.
The Intention List is a list written in past tense, as if the items on the list had already happened. It should contain both small events and really big dream. I write this list at night before I go to bed and an example of such a list could be:

– My daughter got that opportunity to pet the dog
– I received a large sum of money surprisingly.
– I met someone very interesting.
– Taking the kids to school was really easy today.
– Me and my son had a bonding experience.
– My stats on YouTube are skyrocketing.
– I was contacted by a being from another dimension.
– The electrical bill was less than expected.
– I got 10 new clients this week.
– I got a phone call from an old friend.
– Someone reached out to me about the business opportunity.

These are just examples of what it might be, and for me it’s been really helpful and surprisingly rewarding. I went back and looked through old Intention Lists and it’s chocking how many of the things that I’ve added on my lists that actually happened. Both big and small events! I don’t know why that is but I think it is because when you focus your attention on those things that you want you become more alert to when opportunities reveal themselves. It’s surprising or how many things came to fruition just thanks to this exercise.

I really recommend you reading Parallel Universes of Self. The book has been of tremendous value for me and if you want to know more about Fredrick Dodson’s book then check out my written review of Parallel Universes of Self or my video review. He also have a book called Levels of Energy (review) that I urge everyone to check out.

Video Review of Parallel Universes of Self

Video Review of Parallel Universes of Self

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