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Quick Review: When the Body Says No by Gabor Maté

When Body Says No by Gabor Maté explores the relationship between our minds and bodies and the impact of repressed emotions and stress on chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s, ALS, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer.

The Overlooked Mind-Body Connection

Traditionally, medicine took a holistic approach to healing. However, with the advent of modern medicine, the mind-body connection has been largely overlooked. This book aims to bring back the importance of considering both the physical and emotional aspects of health.

Boundaries and Disease

The book emphasizes the role of boundaries in health and illness. Research shows that those who have experienced severe boundary violations before they could fully develop a sense of self are more likely to suffer from chronic disease.

Rigid Behavior and Repressed Emotions

Many people with chronic illnesses realize too late that living up to an image of strength and invincibility leads to stress and inner turmoil. This book highlights the importance of acknowledging and expressing emotions, rather than repressing them.

Video Review of When The Body Says No

Video Review of When The Body Says No by Gabor Mat’e

The 3 Factors of Stress

2. Lack of information
3. Lack ofcontrol

These are the three universal factors that lead to stress.

Honor Your Urges

The book encourages us to honor our urges, as this can be healing for our bodies and spirits. We can relate to this, as we’ve experienced the positive impact of creative expression on our mental and physical health.

Greater Differentiation and Better Health

The book also highlights the importance of differentiation in relationships, as those in less powerful positions often absorb more of the shared anxiety. This is why women are more likely to be treated for anxiety and depression than men.

Guilt Over Resentment

In times of conflict, the book advises choosing guilt over resentment. Resentment can be damaging to our souls, while guilt can be a sign that we’re taking care of ourselves.

Final Verdict

Overall, we found When the Body Says No to be an eye-opening read. Although it may not be suitable for those currently experiencing a surge of stress, it’s a wake-up call for many. The book offers valuable insights into the mind-body connection and the impact of repressed emotions and stress on chronic illnesses. By understanding the connection between our emotions and physical health, we can make positive changes before it’s too late.

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