Mid-book: Lifespan by David A. Sinclair – What YOU can do today to Live a LONGER and HEALTHIER life.

What can we do today to kick start the survival circuits* that makes us stronger and prolong our lives?

Applying stresses to our bodies can be efficient way for activating these  rejuvenating systems. It seems that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger has some merit.

In short, you want to make your body uncomfortable on a regular basis:

Extreme temperatures:

– take a brisk walk in the cold of winter in a t-shirt. (good for practicing gratitude towards warm clothes as well’)
– Use saunas.
– Cold baths.
– Sleep with the window open on cold nights.

Calorie restriction:

– Eat less.
– Try fasting from time to time.
– Skip breakfast once in a while.

 Get moving!
– High intensity interval training is the most time efficient way to get a good workout.
– People who excerice the equivalent of jogging for 30 minutes, 5 days a week, have telomere that look to be almost a decade younger than their sedentary counterparts.
– Exercise doesn’t have to be long (10-15 min) but the intensity matters.

⁉️What do you do up you chances of a long and healthy life?⁉️

* “It is a system that has been in our cells for a long time. It’s in all life on the planet. And it serves to keep us alive for longer, healthier for longer, when we’re under threat. So when we are doing a bit of exercise, if you run out of breath on the treadmill, that ‘s good. If you’re hungry; you skip breakfast and have a late lunch, that’s good. That will raise NAD levels. So the NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) chemical in your body will go up and your sirtuins — these protective enzymes, the main players in the survival circuit — will get activated.” – D. Sinclair.

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