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My Reading List for 2022

How do you create a reading list for 2022?

Here is what I do!

My approach for the last couple of years has been to create a list of 20 books that are fully with my learning goals. That will be about 50% of my reading.
The other 20 books a spontaneous, gut-feeling, on-a-whim-type of books. In this posts you see a bunch of books that are likely to end up on my pre-planned list for 2022.

Some hot titles!

A book that was mentioned in FLOW was THE LIFE CYCLE COMPLETED by Erikson. A book suitable for a guy about to turn 40!

THE BIBLE was planned for this year along with PARADISE LOST, but was postponed. Probably the most pretentious entries on last years to-read-list.
Two books that I’m constantly recommended are THE WAR OF ART and THE ALCHEMIST. My guess? I will love the former and hate the latter. Time will tell.
I’m really hyped for A BILLION WICKED THOUGHS, and to find out what google search data says about human sexuality. Other anticipated books are STRAY DOGS and TRANSCEND.

(WIP) The Reading List of 2022:

Aristotle – Metaphysics.

I really want familiarize more intimately with Aristotle’s teaching. He is such a fundamental philosopher and scientist and have had profound impact on western thinking.


Green Lights

One idea I have for the Booklab is to incentivize new readers to take on more fundamental and challenging reading materials. that’s why I added a few popular books to the mix this year. The idea is that I can have more new transfers find the channel through reviews of popular books and then inspire by showing off similar books that they can investigate.

Levels of Energy (reread)

This is one of my favorite books of all time and I’m actually a bit ashamed to admit it. Why? Because it’s 100% pseudo-science and new age mumbo jumbo… and I loved it. The ideas of energy levels spoke to me and it’s been a useful framework for my spiritual life.

Spiral Dynamics (reread)


The Drama triangle

The War of Art (In progress)

A book about Boston. (Give me suggestions!)

Picasso biography

Straw Dogs

The Life Cycle Complete

Letter From a Stoic

Woke INC.


Beyond good and evil


That book about luck

Sylvia Plath

Variety of religious experience (In progress)

Rites of passage

AI and Tech book 1

In order to follow advancement in AI and computer technology I read one book on the subject. I’m yet to decide which one I will read this year.

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