Quick Review: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Have you experienced that as soon as you gain positive momentum in life, you cause a painful crash?

The Big Leap is about letting the good times roll. Something that most of us can’t tolerate.

When you self-sabotage you get what you think you deserve—proof that your limiting beliefs are true—you are fundamentally flawed, undeserving of success, or whatever story you tell yourself.

The author, Gay Hendricks, calls it the Upper Limit-problem. The only problem you need to solve to achieve abundance, success, & love.

Fear disguised as complaints

📝 Most people have a well-crafted story about why they can’t follow their genius:

“I can’t take my time to make a video, write, etc.. because my family need me.”, “I can’t do what I really want to do because I won’t make as much money doing it.”, “I can’t go up early to work on my project because..” jada jada

There is a huge fear behind these complaints: What if my genius is not good enough?

Video Review of The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

3 Common Life Traps

🔸Incompetence Trap

Spending your energy doing things you are ill-suited for. Things you are not interested to learn or master.

🔹Competence trap

Wasting your energy doing things we are competent, but don’t excel, at. Many other people can do this as well as you.

🔸Excellence Trap.

Spending time on things you do really well. Things that make you highly valued at a company, but are not fully aligned with your genius.

Zone of Genius

📝 In your zone of genius work doesn’t feel like work, even if what you do is of great financial value You don’t feel like you’re expanding effort to produce it.


This book helped me re-evaluate some limiting stories I’ve been telling myself about the potential of my creative pursuits. I feel excited about what it will mean for the future of BookLab.

⚖️ Book Verdict:

Using mental tricks, such as the ones this book provides, could be regarded as brainwashing. But in my experience, experimenting with different mindset tools tends to be both useful and eye-opening. Life is not life without some level of illusion. We might as well choose the most useful ones we can find.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this book will be on my top 5 list this year. I’m trying out the techniques from this book now and time will tell if they are useful!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  out of 5

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