Lessons about Public Speaking from Steal the Show

Book review of Steal the Show by Michael Port

Steal the Show by Michael Port – Book Review and Takeaways

In preparation for my second speech at Toastmasters I though if would be good pick up some more tips and tricks for public speaking and speech writing.

The book is very basic, sometimes even threat you like a baby (one of his tips is not to scold you audience or stand with the back against the crowd.😬) I listened to the audio version, narrated by the author, but I didn’t really connect with the way the content was presented. It felt a bit like a drawn out infomercial and Michael came off as somewhat self absorbed.

But let’s focus on what’s good and let’s me share some key points:

  • Fear of criticism hold us back. Friends, colleagues and loved ones might not like the new role you take. You have to choose between approval from others or results.
  • How to stop your inner critic? Stop being critical. By not criticizing others, it will make you less critical about yourself.
  • To make your speech less easy to poke holes in: don’t use absolutes like; everybody, always, never etc..

“What you say don’t have to be different to make a difference, it’s the way you say it that matters.” This is good takeaway since I often find myself stuck coming up with content for speeches, thinking it has to be totally original ideas for the presentation to be worthwhile for the audience.

Improvisational skills are key and can be learned through practice. Prepare for the unexpected and learn to be comfortable with discomfort.

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ out of 5

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