Top Books of the Year – #7

#7 “The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei” by John Stevens


The “1000-Day Marathon”, a big part of their practice, takes 7 years to complete. For the first 5 years they run a marathon a day for 100 days straight. This is repeated 7 times. For the last 2 years the distance is increased to two Marathon distances a day (84km!). They also throw in a 9-day fast into their practice, with continuous meditation, without water and sleep, to keep things interesting.

——- WHY THIS BOOK? ———

This books in not for everyone – It’s poorly written at times and weirdly edited, but if you are a fan of running, endurance or just fascinating by incredible human achievements – then look no further!

————— IMPACT —————

It has has impaired my ability to complain about monotonous and repetitive tasks. It also pushed me to train harder for the 20km trail race I ran with (against?) my brother this November. Unfortunately for me he finished faster 🤬 🏃

——— 🤔QUESTIONS🤔——-

Do you run?

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